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Caranua is now accepting applications for assistance


Caranua is now accepting applications for assistance


Caranua is an independent Irish state body for survivors of institutional abuse.

We will use funds from Irish religious congregations to address the health, housing and education needs of survivors living in Ireland and other parts of the world.

We will also promote understanding of the effects of institutional abuse and build the capacity of public services to recognise and respond to the needs of survivors.

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News Updates
> Update on applications to Caranua January to March 2014

Caranua began accepting applications on January 6th.  This report provides an overview of the application process and the number of applications received and the point they are at in the process.

We can only accept applications from people who are eligible to apply to us.  The first part in the process is an assessment of returned Application Form Part 1.  This form, which provides name, address and date of birth allows us to verify that an individual is eligible to apply, either by checking these details against the information that we have from the Residential Institutions Redress Board or where someone has received a court award, by checking the order.

Once someone is verified as eligible, they are then sent a letter, asking for evidence of identity.  Once this is received, each person receives a telephone call from one of our Application Advisors.  The purpose of the call is to talk about what it is the person is thinking of applying for, and to provide any assistance or further information about applying for services.  Where someone knows what it is they want to apply for, an application can be processed immediately.  It has been possible to address urgent needs at this stage, particularly in the areas of dental and medical interventions, orthopaedic equipment and home repairs.  At this stage assessments can be arranged if necessary, or referral made to someone locally who can provide face to face assistance.  Many people who reach this stage are not yet ready to make an application and have made an application “because they can” rather than because they have specific needs.  Once they decide that they want to apply for services they can contact Caranua and pick up the process from that point.

The table below shows the status of applications

Applications received 2345
Verified as eligible 2145
Deemed ineligible 20
Evidence of identity received and verified 504
Applicants who have received telephone calls from an Applications Advisor 73
Applications approved 26
Payments made 38


Click here for  Further information about applications received from January to March 2014

> Death of Christine Buckley, Co-Founder of the Aislinn Centre.

Caranua is saddened to learn of the death of Christine Buckley.  We extend our sincerest condolences to Christine’s family, her friends, and all in the Aislinn Centre.

May she rest in peace.

> Changes to the Caranua Board

The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn has appointed Mr David O’Callaghan as the new Chairperson of Caranua.  David is also chair of the Irish Red Cross and was formerly Secretary General of the Department of Defence.  David will replace Sylda Langford, who has resigned due to planned surgery, following his approval by the Oireachtas committee on Education and Social Protection.  The Minister has also appointed Frances Harrington to replace Paddy Doyle who resigned earlier this year for health reasons.  Frances is a former resident who lives in County Tipperary.

> Caranua CEO Mary Higgins interviewed on RTE’s Morning Ireland

Our CEO, Mary Higgins, was interviewed on RTE’s Morning Ireland on 17th January 2014 about the work of Caranua.

To listen to, or read the interview  click here

> We are open for applications from 6th January 2014

We are pleased to announce that we are open for applications from 6th January 2014.

For further information about how to make an application, please click Make an Application .

If you would like to contact us by post, email, or phone our contact details are:-

Caranua, PO Box 12477, Dublin 1, Ireland


Freephone 1800 212477 (from Ireland)

Freephone 0808 234 1303 (from United Kingdom) Charges may apply from some mobile networks

+353 1 874 2277 from anywhere

We regret that we are unable to provide a free phone service outside Ireland and the United  Kingdom, but if you call us we will call you back to reduce the cost of the call to you.




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